Dissolving the marriage relationship.


As a very basic definition, getting divorced in Texas means  dissolving  the  marriage  relationship.  That  will include  dividing  up  the  marital property and liabilities,  as well as  deciding child  custody  and  child  support  (assuming there are children).  Sometimes the parties are able to agree on these issues. In those instances, a judge will not be needed to make any decisions.  He or she will simply be needed to approve the agreements, and announce the parties divorced.  This type of divorce is generally referred to as "uncontested", and can be completed as soon as 60 days elapses from the time the petition was filed.  Sometimes, however, the parties are not able to agree, and the divorce is "contested".  Depending on the level of hostility and disagreement,  a contested divorce  can be lengthy, expensive, and emotionally harrowing.

An experienced, empathetic attorney is a valuable asset in a contested divorce.  The court system in a contested divorce can seem like a foreign country, with turns and twists that don't seem to make sense and a whole new language that you don't speak.  An experienced attorney acts as your guide in that country: interpreting the language, informing you of what's coming next, educating you on the laws, walking with you every step of the way, and most importantly, acting as your own zealous advocate. 

Whether your case is contested or uncontested, our firm works closely with you to keep you informed of the process, and help you make the best decisions possible for you, your family and your life.  We give you the information you need to make important decisions.  Whether you are being pulled into a divorce that you don't want, or you are the party requesting the divorce, we tailor our approach to serve your goals, always bearing in mind the emotional toll that divorce takes on nearly everyone.

From simple, uncontested divorces to contentious divorces involving large amounts of assets, our team can handle it all. We know Texas's divorce laws and understand how the legal nuances and intricacies play in to your specific case. And every step along the way, our firm works with you personally to relieve much of the uncertainty and worry that come with divorce.

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"At its core, however,  it can be an opportunity for a family to start new."