Tonya Toups

"I get it. I personally understand what my clients are facing.

I chose to practice family law after going through a traumatizing divorce that involved a child custody fight.  Later, I also went through a child custody modification."  

A focus on family.



Divorce in Texas consists of dissolution of the marriage.  That includes dividing up the property, and deciding custody and child support for the children (if there are any).

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Child Custody

Child custody issues can arise within a divorce.  They can also arise between two parties who were never married, but have children, and also when there is an order that may need to be modified.

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Step-parent adoptions are the most common. These generally result when a biological parent has voluntarily terminated his/her parental rights, and a step-parent wants to adopt the child.  There are other times, however, when a biological parent’s rights may be terminated involuntarily.

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Grandparent Rights

Grandparents are granted certain rights in Texas.

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An effort to provide you with ample resources.

This website contains entries from my “journal” as a family law attorney.  The journal entries pertain to different topics within the family law arena, and hopefully provide illumination on different issues.