Child Custody

Fighting for the best future for your child.


"We understand that there is nothing more valuable to you than your children's happiness and well-being"


There is nothing more important than your child.  And because of that, child custody can be a difficult area to navigate in any divorce or custody modification proceeding.   If parents can't agree on custody, the court will ultimately decide based on the best interest of the child. 

An experienced attorney can help you make decisions as to custody and give you important information such as: what "joint custody" actually means, what "joint managing conservators" are versus "sole managing conservators", what the "rights, duties, powers and privileges" are that each parent of a child has, child support obligations under the Texas Family Code, what the Standard Possession Order is in Texas, and much more.  

In the event that custody is contested, our team stands ready to litigate and advocate for the best result for you and your child.  How do we do that?  We meet with you personally, we learn about you, your family and child, we gather evidence from you that will assist your case, we explain the law to you, but most importantly, we artfully and zealously advocate to the court for your position: the position that protects and best serves you and your child.  

We understand that there is nothing more valuable to you than your child's happiness and well-being.  We understand that you will have many questions, and that you deserve to have your questions answered.  And we take pride in helping you understand this process and advocating for you and your family.

We pursue a strategy that puts your child's best interests first. Contact us today.  We are here to help you.